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Bringing you energy to live by.
Bringing you the energy to live by.

About ID2 Energy

ID2 is able to bring solutions to industry because we have grown out of companies with histories of technical excellence and reliable energy delivery. Our strength is human capital – skilled, highly experienced individuals who make our ideas reality. The very finest engineers, technicians and software developers form our team to bring a comprehensive solution to the world – we have had more than ten years' experience in designing and developing high-tech systems.

Importantly, we pride ourselves on being open and transparent in all we do. We are fair and do business governed by principles of decency and an unbreakable code of ethics.

ID2 is founded on a partnership between two respected and well-established companies, namely EPI-USE Africa and Kreon Technology. As the sole shareholders of ID2 they provide a solid technological and financial backing. We believe strongly in the power of partnerships; there are great benefits when different groups work together toward a common goal. Wherever we work we form alliances with the local communities in order to benefit a broader spectrum of society.

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